Nyack Community Garden

May 19, Deadline for fully planting plots

The Nyack Community Garden is a community based, nonprofit organization that provides residents of the Nyack with an opportunity to grow vegetables and flowers in a friendly environment. Using land provided by the Robert Martin Company in downtown Nyack, the garden donates surplus vegetables to local charities and enhances the beauty of our town.

The Nyack Community Garden is on South Franklin Street between Depew and Hudson Avenues. The garden’s members plant vegetables, fruits, and flowers in their individual plots and assist in the management and maintenance of the whole garden including surrounding flower beds. Many donate to local food banks through the garden’s “Plant a Row for the Hungry” committee.

Early photo of the garden around 1980, in the snow

Early photograph of Garden surrounded by a snow fence. Probably taken around 1980. Collection of Nyack Public Library.

Founded in the mid 1970’s (see an article about our garden’s history), the garden has grown into a wonderful community asset with lovely vegetables and flowers, a paved center path, a sturdy tool shed housing tools shared by gardeners, easily accessible watering hoses, and protective fencing. The volunteer-managed garden has over 80 members gardening in half and full plots. The gardeners have made a community where everyone pitches in, helps their neighbors, enjoys the sun, soil, and plants, and shares gardening tips. Every July a garden contest is held, judged by locals.

Membership is open to residents of the Nyack School District who are 18 years or older. The garden is dvided into full plots and half plots, and plot availability for new gardeners is limited, because returning gardeners have priority over new gardeners. New gardeners are eligible for ½ plots which are approximately 90 square feet and cost $25, subject to availability. A full plot is 180 square feet, costs $35 for a season, and is available to gardeners who were in the garden the previous year and maintained their plots. New gardeners get placed on a waiting list when they apply, and their position on the waiting list is determined by postmark date of their application. Each year some gardeners will not return to the garden, so spots open up each season for new gardeners.

All gardeners must obey the rules, assist with the running and care of the garden, and serve on a garden committee by providing at least 6 hours of work for that committee.

At the Nyack Community Garden each plot is unique, displaying the diversity of Nyack. Visitors to Nyack enjoy strolling by the garden experiencing its diverse colors and fragrances, viewing its horticultural variety, and chatting with industrious gardeners.

The vital support of the Robert Martin Company, in concert with the Community Housing Management Corporation, is greatly appreciated.

For information on how to become a member of the Nyack Community Garden please email membership@nyackcommunitygarden.info.