Nyack Commmunity Garden

Great Tomato Plants at Nyack Farmer's Market

Dear Gardeners,

Good news! The Nyack Farmer’s Market is back, on Thursdays as usual.

If you need some tomato plants - and growers are selling out their seeds and plants right and left nowadays - check out Greenbush Gardens, they are selling at the Bluefield Farm stall. They have an excellent selection.

I got these plants, they will all do very well in our garden:

I also got a couple that I’ve never tried before: Chocolate Stripes (looks like Green Zebra, but red and green) and Genuwine, which is a cross of a Brandywine and Costoluto Genovese, an heirloom from Italy that’s known for its flavor.

Other garden favorites include Mortgage Lifter, Black Krim, 4th of July, Paul Robeson, Brandywine, Roma, San Marzano, these are all good choices. Plus peppers, lettuce, cabbage, flowers, herbs ….

Brian O.