Nyack Commmunity Garden

The Nyack Community Garden Goes Organic!

Organic gardening helps to maintain healthy soil by nurturing the life within it. Soil is a living, dynamic ecosystem and not just dirt. Each individual garden plot is connected to all of the other plots in our Garden. Within this linked ecosystem are bacteria and fungi, nematodes, earthworms and insects. Together, they help to break down plant material and convert them to nutrients for your plants. Without them, the soil would be dead and unproductive. And what happens in one Garden plot can affect all of the other plots in the Garden because they are connected by a web of life!

Human-made fertilizers (like the original Miracle Gro), pesticides and herbicides (like Round-up) will destroy the balance of this living ecosystem over time, eventually making all of the Garden plots less productive.

So, when buying a product to use in the Garden, be sure it says “Organic” on the label. Organic solutions to pests, as well as organic fertilizers, are available at every nursery and garden center (and our local hardware store). You can also shop for them online.

It is also helpful to add compost to your soil if you have some. If you don’t have compost, find someone who has a compost pile and will give you some! Compost adds nutrients, moisture, and beneficial bacteria that help to prevent plant diseases. There are tons of articles on the Internet to help you learn more about organic gardening, as well as tons of books! Remember, what happens in one plot affects all of the other plots in the Garden because of the unique webbed structure of the soil environment. Love the soil in your plot, and it will love you back by producing nutritious and delicious food for you!

See The Nyack Community Garden Goes Organic!.