Nyack Community Garden

October 19 is the Potluck Dinner.

It's at 6:30, at the Nyack Senior Center, 90 Depew Avenue.

Garden Rules

  1. Garden membership is at the discretion of the Nyack Community Garden’s Executive Committee.

  2. Every gardener must attend the General Meeting.

  3. One half plot or full plot is allowed per household.

  4. All garden plots must be fully planted by May 31, 2017. Unattended garden plots will be re-assigned to persons on the waiting list.

  5. No gardener may transfer his/her plot to another person without permission of the NCG Executive Committee.

  6. Every gardener must participate in at least one Nyack Community Garden committee and contribute at least six hours between the garden’s opening and closing.

  7. Keep gates locked at all times.

  8. Children under the age of 18 are NOT permitted in the garden without an adult.

  9. Stay out of other gardeners’ plots unless specifically invited.

  10. Maintenance of assigned garden plot is a requirement throughout the entire season. If you are unable to maintain your plot, please contact your cluster leader as soon as possible.

  11. Every gardener is responsible for keeping his/her plot and the path in front of his/her plot weed free.

  12. Every gardener is responsible for keeping the fence adjacent to his/her plot clear of vines and all climbing plants.

  13. After use, return tools to the shed in clean condition. Gardeners must supply their own hand tools.

  14. Sunflowers, corn, tall plants, and non-permeable ground cover are not permitted in plots and will be removed.

  15. Bag all plant waste materials, except for diseased, in compost bags and take to the Depew Avenue curb.

  16. Do not remove dirt from the garden. Put unwanted rocks adjacent to the fence of your plot.

  17. Put litter and diseased plant waste in the garbage receptacle by Franklin St. or take away.

  18. At the end of the season all decorative ornaments, stones, mulch, woodchips, gravel, weed barriers, staples, stakes, and cages must be removed from the garden property. Do not put in the shed or adjacent to it. Upon request, the NCG president(s) may allow limited storage of cages.

  19. By garden closing date, Nov. 4, 2017, every gardener is responsible for restoring his/her plot to the condition it had on March 30, 2017.

  20. The Nyack Community Garden is not responsible at any time for your plants and other personal items.

Failure to meet any of these responsibilities at any time during the gardening season may result in the loss of garden membership or other penalites.